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Riverbend Planning Group

Assisting you in navigating your financial future

The Riverbend Planning
Group Mission

Much like building a home, navigating for your own or your business’ financial future requires careful planning.  If you are like most, knowing all the “ins and outs” of successful financial planning can be confusing.  That’s where Riverbend Planning Group (RPG) can assist in navigating through the process.

At RPG, our primary mission is to focus on the financial Architecture of your future.  Whether it’s retirement, estate, or investment planning, or the need of your company, RPG specializes in advising individuals and businesses on a wide array of financial services.

As Financial Architects, RPG provides you with a process for creating a foundation for your financial future.  There are three distinct components to obtaining this solid foundation:

  • Designing the framework
  • Building the structure
  • Maintaining what you’ve built

…the creation of a “blueprint” for achieving your financial goals…

RPG takes the time to listen and understand your long-term goals, available resources and future monetary needs.  Whether you’re planning for a long and happy retirement, or the ownership of your business, RPG can assist in making your dream a reality.  RPG specializes in minimizing your estate and income taxes, allocating your investments to reduce risk and designing strategies to efficiently transfer your business and other assets to the next generation.  RPG has all the necessary resources to design a “blueprint” to ensure your future financial success.


…the implementation of the “blueprint” you approve…

Choosing the materials necessary to construct your financial home is just as important as designing the plan.  Once the design has been finalized and approved by you, it is important to select strategies to implement it in an efficient and timely manner.  RPG understands that your financial success depends on it.

RPG understands that organizing your financial resources requires taking a careful look at your risk profile and long term objectives.  That’s why RPG carefully outlines investment categories and implements financial planning strategies that will fulfill your investment and financial planning expectations.  Together, we will review issues such as tax status, liquidity and future financial goals.  RPG then recommends specific investment securities to best reach your goals.


…the monitoring of your plans progress and success…

As with any structure, proper maintenance is an absolute must to preserve the integrity of your financial plan.  That’s why RPG’s services don’t end after we’ve designed and built your financial home.  RPG will continue to monitor changes in the economic and legislative environment so we can promptly advise you for any needed adjustments.  RPG understands that individual needs and objectives change over time and wants to make sure your financial plan always reflects your current goals.

The Finished Product…

…you choose where we can assist you best…

Riverbend Planning Group provides the designing, building and maintaining components separately so you can pick and choose the areas where we may best be of assistance.  In addition, RPG offers a variety of fee structures for the services provided – finding one that suits you is easy.

At Our Fingertips…

…we have the access to what you need…

RPG’s personnel continue to participate in educational programs to further the skills and experience necessary to best serve you.  Additionally, RPG has the ability to access other professional resources, allowing the development and implementation of the most sophisticated planning strategies.

Riverbend Planning Group has a diverse client base ranging from physicians and corporate executives, to small business owners, real estate investors and retired individuals.  RPG provides personalized services such as budgeting and college planning, provides you with consolidated statements, portfolio valuation, investment income and performance reports, itemized expense statements and consolidates statements for your tax preparations.  RPG also understands business investment opportunities and can assist in evaluating those opportunities as they arise.

Meet Michael Marietti

Michael Marietti is a 1985 graduate from the University of Chicago with a Degree in Mathematics.  He spent several years at the Chicago Board of Trade, culminating as a Director for the Investment Bank Barclays Capital, in charge of the CBOT Floor Operations. In the early 2000s, he worked as an Independent Trader and assisted in managing several trading groups. He began his career in the Investment Advisor field in 2007 as a Portfolio Manager, before founding Riverbend Planning Group in 2013.  He currently resides in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago, is married with three boys and is active in their lives as both a former Scout Leader and coach.

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