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The Fed Moves and What It Means

5/2022 Welcome to 2022.  Since the beginning of the year, the market has experienced more than its share of turbulence. As of the end of April, since it’s high, the S&P 500 was down 13%, the NASDAQ was down 21%,…

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Happy New year to one and all.  2022 has started off with an increase in volatility as market participants reprice financial assets.  There is concern over an acceleration in the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates, an increase fear of a…

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Fall 2021

The market’s summer doldrums have been characterized by low volatility, reduced trading volume and tight trading ranges for the markets. This has been shaken by recent market action. The market has turned cautious due to bearish seasonality, fears of Federal…

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November 2020

Election 2020 For the nation, 2020 has been one of the most difficult years in memory. We are grappling with Covid19 virus and its fallout, economic upheaval, racial tensions, wildfires, hurricanes, a presidential election, and a polarized electorate. Despite this…

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June 2020

                                                                        L U or V…

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Markets and Toilet Paper

3 18 20 Buddy, can you spare a square? The action in the Fixed Income and Equity markets is similar to the toilet paper shortage. Everything in one direction and indiscriminate of price. A person will act if they think…

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March 2020

With the recent market volatility, I thought it would be helpful to give an update for you to read. The Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered it’s worse one day loss yesterday. A drop of over 2000 points was precipitated by…

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1st Quarter 2020

The fear of the coronavirus has finally invoked a reaction in the markets. The recent volatility in the markets has been unprecedented. The drop over the past week is the quickest 10% correction for the Dow Jones Industrial Average on…

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2018 4th Quater Recap and Outlook for 2019

3 S’s had the greatest impact on the 4th Quarter 2018, Showdown, Slowdown and Shutdown. The 4th Quarter began with markets near or at all time highs and the markets seemed to ignore the effects of the tariffs, political impasse…

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